Allegheny County Parks Spring and Summer 2022. is currently offering lessons in 8 county park locations as part of our partnership with Allegheny County Parks in private and small group classes (family siblings and close friends scheduled and taught together). Click on the closest park to you

North Park – “NP” = North Park Meet in front of the ICE Rink

South Park “SP” = South Park Meet at the parking lot next to the Dek Hockey on Corrigan Road.

Settler’s Cabin Park “SC” = Settlers Cabin Park Meet at the park Office by the Park Entrance.

Deer Lakes Park “DL” = Deer Lakes Park Meet at the Playground lower parking lot on Mahaffey Road.

White Oaks Park “WO” =White Oaks Park Meet at the lower playground by Route 48.

Henderson Hills Park “HH” = Harrison Hills Park Meet at the Overlook Playground

Round Hill Park “RH” = Round Hill Park Meet at the traffic circle at the top of the hill.

Boyce ParkBP” = Boyce Park Meet at the Park Office.