Here’s real, actual feedback from parents on Learn3Ride™ pilot program ran by founder Rich Hatch:

My oldest son was 8 when we found the [Learn3Ride™] lessons. We had tried everything with him – balance bikes, training wheels, running behind him, but nothing worked, and we had just given up. Rich had him balancing by the end of the first lesson and the next 2 were just as great and by the end of the week, he was a confident rider. Now we ride together on the trails on the weekends. Our much younger kids are attached to our bikes still, but we can’t wait for them to be old enough so that we can get them the lessons too!


We have 3 kids and the oldest [9] was the hardest one to get on a bike. He loved his scooter and was so fast on that, he didn’t think he needed to learn even though his younger siblings already did. We used Rich and completed his 3 lessons and after that, my son was the faster rider in the family.


Our son was so close to riding one day when he was 6 with his training wheels off and then he fell and skinned his knee. We tried to get him to get right back on, but he is on the autism spectrum and he just started to melt down. He refused to get back on his bike. A year passed and we just had different things to teach him and so bike riding just keep getting pushed down the list. Then we found Rich’s [Learn3Ride™] lessons. We were certainly skeptical because of his special needs, but desperate, we tried them anyway. He learned how to balance in the first lesson and the rest of the skills came easy. The system is designed with fear and previous failures in mind. Our son completed 3 lessons within the week and by Sunday asked us to go as a family on a bike ride. He rode 5 miles that day and was so proud of himself!


My daughter [6] rides her bike in the neighborhood now because of Rich’s bike riding lessons. She doesn’t have an athletic bone in her body – she’s more into music and art. So, I never thought that she would be able to learn, but I tried the lessons anyway and now is she is a safe rider.


Now, for some real, honest Facebook Feedback:

Did you know that [Learn3Ride™] offers 1:1 bike classes where they teach your child to ride a bike?! This is genius! They say [3] 40 min classes and they learn. They even brought the bike!


My daughter did it and was riding after the first lesson!


After nearly a year and many hours trying to teach my son myself, I am convinced I need to do this!! Thanks!!


Is there an age limit? my 14 year old never properly learned so she avoids riding a bike scared of falling. I’d like to see her conquer that fear and lessons might be the right thing to do.


Learn3Ride: from novice to bike rider in 3 hours

Learn3Ride™ cultivates healthy kids and outdoor activity.

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