What skills are taught? Balance skills, pedaling, steering, starting, stopping, turns, walking a bike, using a kickstand, and safety.

What gear is required? Just a helmet. Bicycles will be provided for MOST riders! Check with your local program provider for details. Most programs can accommodate bicycles for children up to about 10 years old. If older, we just ask that you bring your own bike to the lessons. Please bring a well-fitted helmet for your student. Long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and knee and elbow pads are optional.

Can I use my own bicycle? Yes. The program is designed to teach students balance and starting skills first. We will provide the bicycles for that portion. For later skills, you can use your own bicycle or ours. We can adjust the seat for your child and check the bicycle’s fit.

What is the cost? Costs for lessons may vary from one area to another. However, it is Learn3Ride’s mission to provide safe, affordable lessons.

How many lessons are required? Most students (90%) master the tasks required to ride a bicycle in three (3) hours of instruction. These results been proven across hundreds of students. Additional lessons may be necessary depending on maturity and on how quickly the individual student becomes fatigued and achieves the learning curve. Additional lessons and accommodations may also be necessary for special needs students.

How do you deal with a child that is scared? My child hasn’t learned so far, how is this different? Children are often apprehensive in learning to ride a bike. We have developed our patented methodology with the fear of bike riding in mind. We take the anxiety out of riding by breaking down the tasks into simple, repeatable steps. Sometimes, just changing the learning style and/or instructor makes the difference. And, in today’s world, children love learning from the experts. Our certified instructors are that and more. We take students at any level of experience. Whether your child has used training wheels, whether she knows how to ride a balance bike, or has no experience at all, we can teach your child.

Do you have to purchase the lessons in a package? Yes, we have proven results this way. We try our best to get all three hours completed within seven days. Sometimes, weather is a factor. The reinforcement of the skills within a short period of time one of the tenants of our lessons. Results can still be seen if the lessons are spread out, but we ask for your help in completing the lessons timely as that has proven results. It also helps us with scheduling.

Can adults and older children learn how to ride? Yes, of course. Please see above about bringing your own bicycle to lessons if the student is about 10 or older.

What ages are taught? We ask that children be at least 5 years old.

How long are the lessons? Please check with your local provider.

Have you taught children with special needs? Yes. We’ve taught children on the autism spectrum, and children with varying mental and development disabilities. Additional classes and instructors may be necessary for special needs students. Please Contact Us for further information.

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