About Us

Learn3Ride LLC provides bike riding programs. Learn to ride (Learn 2 Ride) in 2 hours with Learn3Ride™.

90% of Children and adults can learn how to ride a bike in two hours regardless of what level the student enters the class. Some lessons are provided privately, some are provided in a group format. Please check with your local provider for details.

Safe and Proven Results: hundreds of students have been trained to learn a bicycle under the Learn3Ride™ patent pending methods. Be riding safely and confidentially within 1 week.

Need an expert? Frustrated with trying to teach your child? Learning to ride a bike is a traditional childhood rite of passage. We also know that we are competing for children’s attention in our tech-savvy screen time world. Our certified instructors give your children proper safety techniques in addition to the necessary skills to balance, steer, pedal, and ride a bicycle.

Mission: to teach bike riding in a safe, effective, affordable, and timely way to students at any level.

Learn2Ride in 2 hours with Learn3Ride™.

Learn3Ride™ cultivates healthy kids and outdoor activity.

Let’s get outside and learn to ride!

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